Hi! We're Tyler + Susan

We combined our backgrounds as a web developer and writer + marketer to launch 2020 Designs, an agency that builds customized websites for optometrists. We’re proud of what we’ve created — it’s basically our digital baby. (Susan’s mom is hoping for a real one soon, but in the meantime, this will have to do.)

Why do you build custom websites for optometrists?

As with many other ideas, 2020 Designs was borne out of necessity.

While we were looking for an optometrist for Susan’s aforementioned mom, we were shocked at the poorly-made websites adorning the web. We couldn’t find the information we needed — and didn’t want to trust a loved one’s eyesight to someone who hadn’t invested in a half-decent web presence.

As a web developer and full-time freelance writer and marketer, we realized there was a gap we could fill. So we began talking to optometrists and their customers, learning what they wanted out of their websites.

The answer? Modern, affordable optometrist websites that are easy to maintain — and that quickly provide customers with all the information they need. That’s what we aim to deliver.

Why should I choose 2020 Designs?

Besides the fact our custom optometry websites are modern, mobile-friendly, and just plain pretty, here are a few things that set us apart:

Quick + Easy Process

With us, you won’t have to scroll through pages and pages to find an estimated cost, or set up a phone call just to get a darn quote. You’ll know upfront how much your site will cost — and it’ll be live within two weeks.

Turnkey Experience

Say goodbye to decision fatigue. No deciding which text box goes where, or how big your logo should be. All you have to do is pick a theme, and then we’ll take care of the rest. If you want, we can even write new custom content for you.

Headache-Free Maintenance

When you choose our monthly hosting and maintenance package, you won’t need to wait weeks for “the website guy” to update your hours or staff page. We complete all requests in 24 hours, guaranteed.

Personalized Customer Service

Hi! Hello! When you work with us, you know exactly what (and who) you’re getting. Since we’re just a two-person show, you’ll get friendly customer service you won’t find with the big guys. Plus, we’re fun 🙂

Who are you guys, anyway?

So glad you asked! We met on a dance floor in 2015 and have been grooving our way around the world ever since. Some of our basic life tenets are: Ask questions. Go outside. Travel often. Be nice. And always choose tacos.

Hometown: Hamilton, NY
Education: University of Michigan (Go Blue!)
Favorite condiment: Hot sauce
Favorite country: Italy
Guilty pleasure: Country music
Fun fact: Loves head massages more than life

Susan Shain

Hometown: Greenville, SC
Education: University of South Carolina (psychology) & University of South Florida (web development) #showoff
Favorite condiment: Mayonnaise
Favorite country: Mexico
Guilty pleasure: Skyrim and Fallout
Fun fact: Has been known to drink three Pamplemousse La Croixs in a single day

Tyler Hammett
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